Tips For Organising And Maintaining Your Kid’s Closet

Tips For Organising And Maintaining Your Kid’s Closet

If your child’s closet is anything like your own closet, you can certainly understand why it might have been difficult for her to find the unicorn dress she wanted to wear to kinder today. It can be very difficult to organise a closet that is chock-a-block full of clothes and toys, but there are simple ways to tame the mess.

1) The first step to organising your kid’s closet is to empty it out. Completely. You need a clean slate to get the job done right, so put it all on the bed, in the hallway, or any place that will keep it out of your way. Have your kids help you with this by taking toys and clothing to its designated “resting” spot.

2) Once the closet is empty, you can get an idea of your space and what should go in it. Take a few minutes to wipe down shelving, vacuum or scrub the flooring, and take care of any holes or scuff marks on the interior walls.

3) Go through all of the clothing and designate one pile to keep, one pile to put away until the next season (or the next growth spurt), and one pile of outgrown or seldom-worn clothes to donate. Only the clothing that gets worn regularly should be put back in the closet.

4) When refilling the closet, hang dresses and tops lower so that kids can reach them easily when they need to get dressed. Fold bottom and pajamas and place on open shelves so kids can see their options easily.

5) Corral the toys into a storage box that keeps everything looking nice and neat, but keeps toys easy to access.

All it takes is a strong will, and a full day, to make the way!