Gift Ideas for Baby Showers and Birthdays

Finding the right gift for a baby shower or a birthday can sometimes be a pretty challenging task. You never know what the child is going to want and you also don’t want to get them a toy that someone else got them or a toy they already have.

In lieu of the traditional toy for a birthday party or towel and washcloths for a baby shower, why not choose something a bit more useful such as a cute outfit set, a swaddle, or a bib. Something both the parent and child will find useful instead of a toy that will be forgotten at the bottom of the toy box in a short time.

Clothing Set

A clothing set is a good option, and with so many designs and colours to choose from, you are sure to find something that best fits the child’s style preferences and personality.

For a little girl, consider a tank top and shorts set or a sweet tutu skirt set with a silhouette t-shirt. For a little boy, how about a t-shirt and denim overalls, or a cute button down with shorts and suspenders.


Booties are always a good gift for a baby shower and will stand out against the many pairs of traditional socks the baby is already receiving. Booties with white laces and a bow tie for a little boy; or natural coloured booties with a delicate flower for a baby girl; all are good choices and will make a sweet and memorable baby shower gift.

Bags and Swaddles

Every parent is going to get some valuable use out of a stylish nappy bag or a swaddle for baby. The nappy bags come in a variety of different colour choices and designs and come with all the accessories every new parent will want to have at their disposal on an outing with the little one.

Swaddles are also a must-have essential for any new parents’ arsenal, and you can never have too many laying around. They offer baby that warmth and security they may be missing since leaving the womb.

Finally, a bib is also a valuable accessory to have and also makes the perfect gift that every new mom will find extremely useful while feeding their baby. Also available in an assortment of different colours and designs, they are sure not to disappoint at the next baby shower you attend.