Fun Kids Activities for a Rainy Day

Even a rainy day can turn into a fun day indoors with these ten fun activities for the kids to enjoy.

Build a Fort

Building a fort with blankets and pillows is a classic rainy-day tradition. All you need for this activity are the blankets and a box or some chairs to drape them over. The pillows make good cushions when the fort is complete.

Treasure Hunt Indoors

Treasure hunts are not only reserved for outdoor areas; they can also be fun inside. Print out a treasure hunt sheet, so the kids know what they need to look for and have fun watching them run around the house discovering and exploring.

Clean out the Playroom

Make this chore a fun one by finding some long-lost toys that may have been stored away and forgotten for a while.

Board Games

Many of us probably have a stack of board games collecting dust in the closet. Pull them out for a fun day of games with the family.


Who doesn’t like to whip up a fresh batch of cookies or other sweet treats on a rainy day?

Colouring Time

Pulling out those colouring books or even printing out some sheets you find online can make for a fun activity that even the parents can enjoy doing with the kids.

Make a Collage

Have some old magazines and newspapers laying around? Let the kids tear them up and cut out words and pictures to create a collage of their favourite images.

Go Camping!

Still bummed about having to be indoors? Put up the tent, make some hot chocolate, and set up camp indoors.

Sock Puppets

Feeling crafty? Sock puppets are a good way to recycle old socks and can be a fun activity for the kids. You can even use them and come up with your own story and play to act out with them when you are done.

Make Play Dough

Finally, you can teach the kids how to make their own play dough and allow them the chance to play around with mixing different colours.